with scott colenutt

and the occasional guest


About The Podcast

The Advertising Hour is just an excuse for me to take at least 60-minutes every couple of weeks to explore the goings-on in my curiosity-plagued mind.

Part therapy, part meditation, part study.

Mostly, I'm hoping to learn a little more about myself, my contemporaries and my obsessions through the study and discussion of all things advertising.

I expect to get plenty distracted along the way.

At very least I hope to light-up a few unsuspecting synapses.

It's a bonus for us all if this helps to surface unique marketing insight.

the advertising hour
monthly wind-down

An extension of the podcast. this newsletter is my space for reflection and sharing. Every month I’ll aim to bring you topics, insights and resources that you can relax into, learn from and that provides us all with a balanced dose of fresh-thinking to leave our neurons firing and hearts smiling.

You can expect a variation of:

Key lessons and anecdotes surfaced from The Advertising Hour podcastBook recommendations & reviewsPodcast recommendationsSoftware recommendations & reviewsArticle, video and social media recommendationsInterviewsAdvertising lessons, insights and how-to’sEntries straight from my personal journal (oh sh**)
You can expect plenty of hip-hop 🎧, sports 🏀 & gaming 🎮 references, too.